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Creative Decision Maker Pendulum Dynamic Desk Toy Gift Decoration Magnetic Swinging Pendulum Game Fate Fun Desk Accessories Toys

$15.99 $30.50

So what do you decide?

Quit struggling with life’s hard choices simply move the ball release it and wait for it to land on yes, no way, try again, definitely, maybe, or the always popular ask a friend. This is an adorable gift especially for the Executive indecisive person in your life. 

Creative Decision Maker Ball Pendulum Dynamic Desk Toy Gift Decoration


Key Word: Decision Maker Ball



Item: Decision Maker Ball

Material: Plastic + Metal

Color: As picture

Application: Truth Or Dare/helps to make a dicision/decoration

Provides with 6 options for randomly choose

This is a product that operate through magnetic force (with no need of battery supply)

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