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How to choose a good USB data and charging cable for your mobile phone

Hanna Adam

  • Published on june 01, 2017


Do you encounter the problem of slow charging? unable to charge with the additional USB cable that you bought? 

Perhaps you can find the solution after reading this.

First of all, although most of the USB cables look alike from their external appearance, they might be different inside the cable, and probably that is the ready why certain USB cable unable to charge your mobile phone while others can can charge faster than the original cable.

 In fact, there are two kinds of USB cable: 

fully-rated ,operating at the rate of 480 Mbps (high speed) signalling.

sub-channel , operating at the rate of 1.5 Mbps (standard speed) signalling

The construction inside the cable fully-rated and sub-channel cable is different.

As a conclusion, when you buy additional USB cable to charge your mobile phone, you should look for:

  • USB 2.0 or USB 3 support
  • High speed 480 Mbps data transfer rate
  • The packaging mentions it is a "charging" cable and not only a "data" cable

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