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I've spent the last year searching through loads of speakers under $150 and found those that are actually good for this shop. Looking for the best urban quality design Bluetooth speakers.

The ideal speaker should sound great, look good, be portable, and work without any glitches. Your Bluetooth speaker needs to be wireless and portable to easily go on adventures with you.

It should also have a high sound quality to size ratio and loud enough so that everyone in your party can enjoy the music. Furthermore, the nicest thing about Bluetooth speakers is that they can travel with you, and that’s why you will need a solid battery life and a good quality product. There is endless array of excellent quality Bluetooth speakers, but I think you shouldn't have to spend more than $150 on a portable speaker, and I'll take a cheaper one if it's good value for the money. I picked out those, Bluetooth speakers which are loud enough, portable heavy duty and when using also outdoor, drop resistance. And you can look and read about them on my store at https://www.urbanlifeshop.com


Criteria to for the Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker:

  1. Sound Quality.The speaker must be capable of delivering high-quality audio on, without much distortion at high volume.
  2. All of the Bluetooth speakers must be small and lightweight enough for you to carry around in your pack with relative comfort.
  3. The more functionality and control a speaker has, the better. Additional option such as controlling song playback and/or answer calls, and/or use Siri, as well as basic volume control, will rate higher.
  4. Water and Drop Resistance. These speakers must, be splash-proof


Only Bluetooth speakers that I have personally reviewed while using a sample to review for a period of time are included in our shop, so you can rest assured, preference come from direct experience.

Check it on https://www.Urbanlifeshop.com

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